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Property Manager: Bill Powell (850) 385-6363 bpowell@tlgproperty.com


Key Contacts:

  Company Telephone Contact with Email
Landscape Unknown (850) 555 1234 Bill Powell
Irrigation Unknown (850) 555 4321 Bill Powell
Maintenance Unknown (850) 555 4567 Bill Powell
Lighting/Elect. Unknown (850) 555 6789 Bill Powell
Plumbing Unknown (850) 555 9876 Bill Powell



Property Address:

3500 Financial Plaza, Tallahassee, FL 32312

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Vacant Units

Vacancy Reports are available on the following units:


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Please note that all change requests must be authorized by the Property Manager of record, prior to being accepted.


For any difficulties with this site or to get assistance in completing a change request, please call 22-4-GAELCOM or email support@gaelcom.com